Phil Parker (tigertoy) wrote,
Phil Parker

FNM: Hardened Scales again

After a week off for OVFF, I was back at FNM with the same Hardened Scales deck as I had last time.

Round 1, I faced Adam Wright with black/green elves. Both games were close -- turns out Foul-Tongue Shriek can hurt a lot -- but I managed to win both with my big things. Round 2, Ryan Searbye was also playing Hardned Scales, probably a pro list, and certainly not limited by not having all the cards it wants, but pretty close to mine. This mirror is pretty much a coin flip. and I won one flip and he won 2. Round 3, I faced Lance McGuinness who was playing an Atarka Red variant, all in on Become Immense + Temur Battle Rage. Game 1 I stumbled badly, game 2 I had a great hand and won easily, and game 3 I couldn't draw the sideboard cards I wanted, and I couldn't cast the Whisperwood Elementals I had in hand because I couldn't tap out or I'd die to the combo. Round 4, I played against Hunter Dyer with Abzan aggro. Game 1 my deck worked well. Game 2 I couldn't find anything but a couple of Heir of the Wilds, and when the Siege Rhinos started it was hopeless. Gamd 3 he mulled to 4 and never got past 2 land.

Overall, 2-2 got me 4th place out of 10 people.

I still want to get at least one more Avatar of the Resolute. The lands are pretty good -- I only have 2 Canopy Vistas, but for this deck that's fine. I don't think the Whisperwoods really work in the board; I want to go with a couple of Valorous Stances instead.

This deck isn't that good, but it is fun and right now I'm not really looking to build another, so I'll keep playing it and trying to fine tune it.

We also had 10 people for after draft. I didn't lost a game and still came in second on tiebreaks, but a fourth round would have been a bad idea. Had a decent red and green ramp-into-bombs deck and didn't stumble on mana. And I opened a Scourge of the Throne, which is worth a few bucks.
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