Phil Parker (tigertoy) wrote,
Phil Parker

More shoe shelves

I have a shelf in my bedroom that I've had for longer than I've had the house. It's a particle board wonder, but it holds up my alarm clock and also is the place where I put my shoes. But I have more shoes than fit on it, which means that extra shoes are part of the perpetual clutter in the bedroom.

It occurred to me that I have boards and a circular saw, which is enough to make me dangerous. I set out to cut a couple more shelves. I'm still rather incompetent at these little woodworking projects, so it took longer and involved considerably more swearing than it should have, but I now have two extra shelves. I'm also out of time, thanks to the swearing -- it's time to head to FNM -- so there's a little more cleanup to do. But I now have an away in which to put 6 more pairs of shoes, and if I have more than that, it's time to throw some of the more fallen apart ones away.

Hopefully I'm learning a little from all the mistakes I'm making. I'm definitely convinced that I need to replace my drill/driver -- I'm reasonably sure I put it away fully charged the last time I used it, and it went dead halfway through this small job.
Tags: handy, home
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