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Safely home from Windycon. There was a lot of music. Wall to wall concerts from Friday at 8 until Sunday at 2, the only gap being Saturday evening. They need the stage for the masquerade. Enough of the concerts were ones I wanted to hear that I didn't get to any other programming (even though there was a fair bit of programming I would have attended if I'd been idle, and a few things I really didn't want to miss). I did manage a turn through the art show. It was cool to see the Eisenstein collection, and there were some good pieces, but certainly not the amount of stuff that we used to see in the Windycon art show a few years ago. (One of the panels I didn't make it to discussed this trend and the future of art shows.) I made it to open filk Friday, with very few other people, and ran out of steam early. Went to dinner at a place called Dao Sushi and Thai, where I had a decent red curry. My table mates let me have a bite of one of their super fancy maki rolls; I can't recall what was in it but it was amazing. Expensive, though. We got back to the hotel a bit before 9 and the music was getting started, so I skipped the parties completely. The filk was good until I packed it in around 1:30 because I had to get up at 10 to get stuff out of the room before the concerts began at 11. This is about where the bad part of the con started for me, because I just couldn't get to sleep. It was around 5 when I broke out the occasional-use extra sleeping medication (I was tired enough that I didn't remember it before then, but didn't sleep). My poor sleep had me enjoying Sunday less than I would have, but there was some good music. I got a couple of songs in in the dead dog circle, but I realized that if I stayed very long, I would probably not be able to make it home.
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