Phil Parker (tigertoy) wrote,
Phil Parker

Epic Dominion win

I just played a game of Dominion which featured the most complete drubbing I've ever seen in a game of Dominion, so I'm going to record it for posterity. Since I recently got the Adventures expansion, we were playing with events. Specifically, Expedition, which allows you to pay 3 and get two extra cards for your next hand, and Inheritance, which allows you to pay 7 to turn all of your Estates into an action card (costing no more than 4). Also relevant in the mix were Worker's Village, Bridge, Bridge Troll, and Rabble. On the first two turns, I bought a Silver and Bridge. Then on turn 3, I drew 3 Copper and 2 Estates. I thought about it for a moment, and spent the 3 copper for Expedition. I drew my other 7 cards for my next turn, which were Silver, 5 Copper, and an Estate, for a total of 7, which I used to buy Inheritance, turning my Estates into Worker's Villages. A couple of turns later, I bought 3 Estates. A couple of turns after that, I had two Bridge effects in play, and bought all of the remaining Estates. I had won at this point, but we kept playing. I bought a couple more Rabbles, a couple of Cities, a Province, and a couple of Great Halls. I put together a turn where I played all 15 Estates, 3 Rabbles, 4 Bridges, a Bridge Troll, and a bunch of treasures. I had 20 extra buys and a discount of 5, so I proceeded to buy all 12 Duchies (emptying the second pile), and then just bought the three remaining Cities to end the game. I could have scored more points on my final turn, but why bother? I had 59 points, Yoshi had 3, and Ricardo had 1, because he'd Expanded away two of his Estates.
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