Phil Parker (tigertoy) wrote,
Phil Parker


I played my Hardened Scales deck again at FNM. Came in 3rd out of 8 players.

No changes from last week.

Round 1, I faced Tom Trumpinski playing a black/green sacrifice deck that seemed to be pretty much the event deck, although he did have at least one Liliana, Heretical Healer. I got mana screwed hard both games. The first one, I kept a 1 land 6 card hand on the draw, and didn't find a second land. I should know better. Game 2, I kept a 2 lander and missed my 3rd land drop, and he had removal for every creature I played. Round 2, I played against Stephen Maguire, a nice guy with a very weak black/white life gain deck. I rolled over him. Round 3, Joe Izaguirre was playing a green/blue ramp into Eldrazi deck. He's running 8 fog effects, and stretched out game 1 fairly long; game 2 he didn't draw any fogs and I drew a ton of extra cards with Inspiring Call. If he had more countermagic the deck might be a force to reckon with.
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