Phil Parker (tigertoy) wrote,
Phil Parker

What I've been doing

I haven't posted in a while because I've been a bit busy with stuff, but since I use this journal as a record of my own life I want to note some of it.

For New Year's I went to nbowa's. Hung out, played poker once (wasn't the first one out, was actually ahead at the break, but as the stakes went up I quickly ran out of chips), played some other games, had some alcohol but didn't get drunk, generally got to hang out with a bunch of cool people. I did bring my guitar and played a few things.

Last weekend, birder2 and I went to GAFilk. The drive was long but the weather was not bad. The music and company were fine. I was really tired most of the weekend. It did not help that I forgot the filter for my humidifier, so I didn't have that relief from the dry hotel air, but I seemed to be sleeping as well as normal, just not feeling rested. I was particularly having trouble Saturday night, where I was mangling songs I should be able to play relatively well.

I started to have symptoms of a cold Tuesday, and skipped my regular activities in favor of bed rest until Friday.
Tags: cons, filk, friends, furry, gaming
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