Phil Parker (tigertoy) wrote,
Phil Parker


After spending the week fiddling with my EDH decks, I took the same standard deck to FNM. We had 10 people. I came in 3rd, after losing in the first round to the winner.

Round 1 I faced Toby Simpson playing Abzan Rally. Game 1 he held me off with Reflector Mage, buried me in card advantage, and drained me out with Zulaport Cutthroats. Game 2 he actually played the rally, bringing 6 creatures back when he already had the Nantuko Husk on board. I need Hallowed Moonlight, but I don't have it i the 75. 0-1. Round 2, I faced Matt Milosevich with Atarka Landfall. We seem to meet every week, and although it's always close, I seem to win most of the time. 1-1. Round 3, Joe Izaguirre was playing B/g Eldrazi. He plays control until he can get the mana for something huge, and then crushes you. It worked for him game 1, game 2 was a nail biter but I managed to get through for just enough, and game 3 he had poor cards and I blew him away. 2-1. Round 4, I faced Jonathan Benison playing Mardu Warriors. I had a really good draw game 1 and he didn't have Crackling Doom. Then I sideboarded in my lifelink, and he kept a 1 lander and didn't draw land; it was a romp. 3-1 overall.

After FNM we actually had a chaos draft. Eddie (whose last name I don't know) had 28 unique packs. We got to first draft the packs and then draft the cards. It was fun, but I was up way too late.
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