Phil Parker (tigertoy) wrote,
Phil Parker

Lori update

I haven't written anything about how my dog is doing, so I should give an update.

In brief, she's doing about as well as can be expected.  She's still weak and not moving very fast, but she doesn't seem to be in pain or miserable.  For a few days she was not keeping food down; Dr. Lacoste says this is a fairly normal reaction to starting chemo, but I was worried that it meant she wasn't getting her medicine either.  But she's been eating with normal Lori-ish enthusiasm the last few days.  Also, it's gotten much colder than it was a week ago, and she's decided, reasonably, that she'd rather lie on the couch than outside.  I think this is a good choice, but it does make things a little awkward in that she doesn't seem to be able to hold her urine for as many hours as I sometimes need to be gone.

She went in for a checkup yesterday, and the doctor says that the swelling in her lymph nodes is almost gone, which is good, but her blood work shows she's still anemic.  We'll be continuing her treatment as we'd planned; she goes in for another chemo shot and checkup on Dec. 29.
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