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So, given that I was Fan Guest of Honor, I guess I owe the world a con report.

Chamabanacon was this past weekend, sent into exile by high school football. The Marriott in Normal is a very nice hotel. The only thing wrong with it is that it's not in Champaign. I remembered enough from getting lost last year to find the hotel without trouble this year, and got checked in and settled in without incident. Attendance was down this year because it's been a rough year for a lot of folks, but the people who were there were happy and welcoming. After Opening Ceremonies, headed a couple blocks down to Maggie Miley's, the local Irish pub. Just a little expensive but the food is quite good. Returned in good time for my Guest of Honor concert, which went well enough despite my not having prepared as well as I should have for it. Filking Friday night went well, though we didn't last much past midnight.

Saturday I got to a panel with toastmaster Adam Seltzer, who's an amazingly interesting person (as well as an amazingly warped songwriter). I spent some time in the dealer's room with my display of tiger stuff and memorabilia from my trip to Ecuador in 2005. At the Never Ending Filk Panel we determined that the filk record producers are becoming less record labels and more independent producers. Survived an hour in the Wolfe's Lair with Golden Guest of honor Gene Wolfe, and then got to hear some of GoH Alex Bledsoe's reading before running off to change and scribble a few lines of notes for my Guest of Honor speech. The food at the banquet was pretty good, and I guess my speech was OK, at least no one threw any tomatoes at me. I managed to play a couple of games of Dominion and then heard most of Adam's concert. Open filking went well for a couple of hours, but we were done before 1. We're all so old.

Sunday was conversations and goodbyes. I stayed for the dead dog, but it was very low key, with only a few folks staying.

There will be a Chambanacon next year. Our good friend P.J. Ralph succumbed to cancer this year, and he left his art, games, and books to the con, which raised a nice amount of money. Next year we have Seanan McGuire as our guest of honor and lots of wonderful stuff, so I'm sure all you people who couldn't make it this year will be there next year.
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