Phil Parker (tigertoy) wrote,
Phil Parker

Lori update

I haven't mentioned anything about how my dog is doing lately.

She went in for her second triweekly chemotherapy shot.  The doctor says her lymph nodes are still normal, indicating the lymphoma is in remission, but she is still anemic (her blood count is slightly lower than it was, but that's probably not significant).  She is not showing signs of pain and she is eating well, and until a couple of days ago she was doing about as well as she had been before she collapsed, but in the last couple of days she has been much weaker -- moving more slowly, having more trouble walking.  I hope that this is a temporary "down" and she will bounce back, but only time will tell.  The vet today suggested the possibility of a blood transfusion to help with her anemia, but he didn't think the anemia was causing the weakness/lethargy so it's not clear to me what good the transfusion would do, and I'm not going to spend $350 without being more convinced that it will actually be useful.
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