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Phil's Rambling Rants
January 6th, 2005
02:13 pm


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Off to GaFilk

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Date:January 6th, 2005 10:50 pm (UTC)

Three topic general catch-up

Hi there, Tiger -- or should I say, "Mr. Toy"? This has to do with a few of your other posts, and one thing I'm generally curious about. (1) You posted in defense of spanking, a couple of weeks ago -- mild spanking, spanking under control, but still spanking. I will grow old and die without ever being qualified to state a reasoned opinion about this, since I was seriously battered as a child with canes and belts. But my response to this is to state as firmly as I know how that one absolutely should feel free to use LiveJournal to state opinions that some might disagree with, or even opinions that might start a really big controversy. I am not comfortable with an LJ scene that is totally pure vanilla, where everybody agrees with everybody else by virtue of not saying anything "unsafe." If you mean something, say it. Even if you get jumped on a lot, LJ will be a better place with the freedom of discussion. During this past election, I was surprised and disappointed that I didn't read a single post among my friends from militant George W. Bush supporters. I was a Kerry supporter, as were most of my friends; and here on LJ, "billroper," whom I have always gotten along with, was and I believe remains a centrist. But am I such a lame person that I can't handle association with people I disagree with? Or is LJ so militantly conformist, and "liberal" conformist, that the Bush supporters don't dare show their faces? Either of these would be a really sad thing.

(2) I did not realize before getting to know you better on LJ that you were a fan of large cats. Something I've been curious about for years, and you might know the answer: are "ligers" and "tigions" fertile? It totally blew me away, to find out that tigers and lions can interbreed; and I'm wondering if those two species can have grandchildren, too!

(3) I believe you were the first person to suggest that my lyric book, if and when, should contain guitar chords. Thanks; this will become the plan. I am actually pretty confident of my songwriting abilities, and also of the fact that I've gotten a fair amount of respect for these in fandom. (I considered myself a career songwriter from about age 25 to 31, abandoning this career dream because I despise the city of Los Angeles so thoroughly that I could not abide remaining there and knocking on doors. Or would I have learned to despise any city that I lived in while acutely homesick for Minnesota?) But I also need to remember that this book of song lyrics will sell probably 50 to 75 copies -- selling 300 to 400 like each of my tapes would be a miracle -- and not to get too carried away with a project that may be worth doing, but will cost me money and time. So thanks for your support, and I hope you had a great time at GaFilk -- wish I could have been there!

Nate Bucklin
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Date:January 11th, 2005 04:39 am (UTC)

Re: Three topic general catch-up

"Phil" works fine -- this isn't an anonymous journal, so as far as I'm concerned it's not impolite to refer to me by name. Or whatever.

With regard to my opinions on spanking -- I was expecting to get flamed more than I did, since my views are not politically correct, but when I can't say what I feel in my own journal, it won't be worth having a journal of my own. Nor do I expect everyone to agree with me, or even to just shut up if they disagree -- all I ask is that people who disagree try to do so constructively and intelligently. I like intelligent discussions.

As to me and the big cats -- I haven't been passionately intersted in them for that long (it will be three years this spring), and we haven't had much chance to talk lately.

Ligers (male lion x female tiger) and tigons (male tiger x female lion) are sterile to the best of my knowledge. They're pretty rare to begin with, and I have no idea how many people have tried to create an F2 (second generation) hybrid, but my understanding is that it's believed to be impossible.

I think someone else mentioned chords for your lyric book before I did; I talked about sheet music. I do hope to see the lyric book, but I don't want to push you to put more effort than you think it's intrinsicly worth.

We'd have loved to have you at GaFilk. Hopefully you and Louie will soon be in a position to come to a few out of town cons soon.
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