Phil Parker (tigertoy) wrote,
Phil Parker

Brief update on the state of Phil

I remain unemployed.  This is little surprise.  The dog is needing lots of expensive treatment, but holding together just well enough that it seems like the treatment is justified.

I went into this jobless time with good intentions of keeping myself busy and directing my efforts to getting some useful things done, but unfortunately I have fallen into a deep pit of apathy and unmotivation.  I don't feel unhappy. Some of the time I feel somewhat depressed, but most of the time I feel pretty good; I just can't get myself together to actually do anything except read.

I'm not even keeping up with LJ; I'm way behind on reading other people's journals and several entries that I mean to write in my own.  I have bunches of ideas for doing stuff with my photography, yet I haven't even downloaded the photos I took on the GaFilk trip from the camera.

I'm not going to belabor this with any more details; what I've said sums up my situation pretty well.  If anyone would care to ship me a nice large load of give a damn, it would be appreciated.
Tags: life
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