Phil Parker (tigertoy) wrote,
Phil Parker

Lori update: grim

Lori is doing very poorly.  She was hospitalized over GaFilk weekend and treated for her anemia, and she seemed to be responding when I brought her home, but she has gotten weaker through the week.  Today she is so weak that I have to lift her whole weight to get her on her feet, she can't walk without my supporting her, and even with my support, she's only willing to be up for a few seconds and move a few feet before she just wants to stop.  She's not showing signs of pain, but I'm definitely starting to feel like she's getting tired of this.  She's still eating; I just gave her a little soft food for a treat and she was enthusiastic (relative to how she's otherwise been).  But I am starting to have to face the reality that she's not going to make it and I should end her suffering.

So far I am more or less holding myself together, but when she actually goes I'm probably going to come apart.

If Lori is still hanging on, I will be staying with her this weekend; if she's gone, I will be at ConFusion.  So if you see me this weekend, I'll be needing support, and please keep in mind that dead pets are not a funny subject for songs or conversation.
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