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ConFusion report

It was a good con, and a very pleasant time with good friends when I needed it, since I'd just lost Lori.

I started to write a long and boring blow-by-blow account of the con, but I've realized that (a) I don't want to take the time it will take to write it, (b) you won't want to take the time to read it, and (c) I can't really remember all the details anyway.  So instead of a chronological report, I will essay a functional report.

The trip:  Uneventful for me, driving to Ft. Wayne on Thursday, the rest of the way Friday, and home today.

The hotel:  Very swank.  I'm surprised they want to do business with an SF con, but this is the second year ConFusion has been there.  The function space is good.  Unfortunately, it's a very vertical hotel.  I got a room on the 4th floor, so I was could take the stairs once I figured out where they were, but most people were much higher than that, and the con suite was on 15.  Also unfortunately, there is no cheap food within walking distance of the hotel.  The only hotel restaurant is a steak house called Shula's, which has pretentions to being the best steak house in Detroit and a good shot at actually being the most expensive.  $30+ for just a steak; a baked potato is another $8, vegetables are another $8.  There is an upscale sports bar across the street called Champps, where we had a very good dinner Sunday night, but other than that you need to bring it with you or drive to it.  The hotel did have a restaurant shuttle; I'm not quite sure if that was just for us or if it was a regular service.  Parking was a bit of a problem; when we got back from driving to dinner Friday night, I had to go to the very top of the parking garage to get one of the last 2 or 3 spaces.

The con suite:  OK, maybe I'm spoiled by filkcons, but I expect more.  Friday afternoon before the con really opened, they had some munchies, it seemed fine, but Saturday at noon, there was no fruit and no lunchmeat, only peanut butter and jelly.  I had to buy a sandwich from the hotel gift shop.  Sunday at noon, they'd even run out of pop.  They were a little understaffed, but I don't think that the problem was not being able to get the food out, I think it was not having enough food, which presumably means not budgeting to buy enough food.  Note to self for next year:  Plan on bringing sandwich makings and a stragetic dew reserve.

The art show:  Some organizational problems; I hope this is because they had new people and procedures and things can run more smoothly next time.  They were way behind schedule getting set up, but they were turning people who wanted to help away.  But they were very patient with me trying to put my stuff in the show.  Because I couldn't manage to do anything at all last Tuesday and Wednesday, I only had three pieces, and I ended up selling two of them.  The room was a little bit too small for the amount of art that they had -- everything was displayed, but it had the feel of being crammed in.  I didn't find time for more than a brief walkthrough of the show, so I can't say much about the quality of the art itself.

The dealers' room:  Seemed to be OK; I didn't spend much time there.  I bought a couple of CD's from billroper, but nothing else.

Programming (non-filk):  A good lineup of things I was interested in.  There seemed to be something worth doing at any time on Saturday.  Of course, I didn't get to much of any of it, because of the filk programming.
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