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Book review: Wolf Captured

Today's book review is Wolf Captured  by Jane Linskold.

This is the fourth book in the series that began with Through Wolf's Eyes and continued in Wolf's Head, Wolf's Heart and The Dragon of Despair.  The story in this book is fairly self contained, but you would be at a disadvantage to start here in the middle of the series.  If a fantasy story about talking animals, animals that are real and believable people but clearly not human, appeals to you, you should already be reading this series.

The gist of what I have to say is that this book is a worthy contiuation of the series.  Lindskold continues to expand the world she's built, and the new parts of it are as alive and wonderful as the parts she's shown us in the previous volumes.  I was slightly worried at the beginning, when the direction the plot was heading began to suggest that Linskold was running out of fresh ideas and just milking a successful series, but she successfully avoided the shoals of lameness that I thought she was heading for and sucked me into the story just as firmly as she had before.

My biggest disappointment was with the ending; it seemed a little more abrupt that it should have been, with an unexpected twist that left a couple of characters with an unresolved problem, and one other character that I'd really fallen in love with in a heap of trouble when I really want to imagine her prospering.  This is not to say that the story did not end: the main action was resolved; the unresolved issues were, plot wise at least, just some ripples left by the way that was resolved, and character development wise, we'll have to see what happens in the next book.

9 out of 10.  If you've been reading the series, don't stop.  If you haven't, go buy Through Wolf's Eyes, and you'll be hooked soon enough.  I wouldn't recommend waiting until she finishes the series -- after 4 books she's still going strong, so I think we can hope for many more, and even that they'll continue to be good.
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