Phil Parker (tigertoy) wrote,
Phil Parker

What happened to Tuesday?

I've started to have a tiny bit more desire to actually accomplish things, and I started today with intentions to actually get some stuff done.  Somehow I've run out of day and actually gotten very little done.

I have put the pictures that I've owed Eric for months and months onto a CD and put it in my briefcase, so it should be fairly hard for me to avoid at least getting them into the same building with him this weekend.

I've made a minimal first pass through the backlog of images that were waiting, making quick notes of what they are pictures of before the memory fades farther, and made backup CDs of 1.5GB or so of images.

I've sent off further prodding on the letters of reference I need for jobs I mean to apply for, and actually gotten one of the letters back.

I called my neighbor and made sure she could feed Windy on Saturday.

I have not:
  • Refilled ink cartridges
  • Printed any images for the art show at Cap
  • Finished my D&D character.  But I just realized I don't need it tomorrow, I need it a week from tomorrow.
  • Gotten started on retrofitting the bookshelves that I built wrong.
Tags: life
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