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Capricon report: the very short version - Phil's Rambling Rants
February 13th, 2005
10:39 pm


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Capricon report: the very short version
I have just made it home from Capricon.

The overwhelming theme of this trip was a lesson.  A reinforcement of something which I knew intellectually but did not fully recognize viscerally.  To wit:  it is a Bad Idea to prepare for a con with two nights of short sleep so that one is already in a sleep-deprived haze when one first arrives at the convention.  Since I started out Friday afternoon already in that state that I normally associate with Sunday at a con, and I had a con, my state by today was, shall we say, interesting.  I spent too much of the con wandering about wondering why the world was wobbling so much and wishing my head hurt less.

But I managed to have a good time in spite of that, and I was reasonably successful in the art show as well, selling 5 of the 8 pieces I put in the show.

I mean to speak at greater length about the con, but I think I would prefer to make a short post right now rather than wait to post anything until I write a longer piece.

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