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Much too nice a day - Phil's Rambling Rants — LiveJournal
February 15th, 2005
01:36 pm


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Much too nice a day
... to stay indoors and do the useful or pseudo-useful things I meant to do today.

As a sop to my to-do list, I gave the dog a bath (his skin problems may be in part because of being really cruddy), but instead of rearranging the office to put in the new work table that can hold the big monitor and putting the big monitor on it, fixing the bookshelves in the library, writing my Capricon report, sorting and processing and posting any pictures, writing a cover letter and sending off a job application, or getting my passport application in, I'm going out for a walk in the woods, because it's like 60° and sunny out there.

Abuse me if I don't post pictures by tomorrow.


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