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Tuesday, I decided to cram in taking my car to the shop for the oil change it's due for, because it would be another 500+ miles before I could get to it next.  And they told me that I really need to replace my serpentine belt Real Soon Now.  I don't have time for this, but I guess I really don't have time to have it break while I''m driving to the con on Friday, so I made the appointment for Thursday.

I realized that I couldn't afford to spend 2+ hours of Thursday just sitting around waiting for my car to be fixed, so I fired off an email to birder2 asking if I could borrow her car while mine was being fixed so I could get over to Wal-Mart with the rest of the pix from the trip that I really want to take to the con, just before I went to bed.

Wednesday morning, I got up at oh-dark-30 and discovered that my ISP was non-functional.  My modem talked to their modem OK, but there was nothing on the other end of their modem.  I headed off to EFRC.

Back form EFRC at 5:30ish, with a few minutes to shower, change clothes, and eat dinner before D&D, and my ISP is still toast.  So I call birder2 on the phone -- how last millenium -- and get plans for tomorrow straightened out.  Only a little bit late getting to D&D.  After D&D, I stop at Meijer for some stuff I need, and get home.  Finally, my net connection works again, but now I'm a whole day behind when I don't have time for LJ or email anyway.

At least I've finally managed to get the rest of the pictures burned to CD now.  If I can manage to function on short sleep again tonight, I can get the car in at 10 and have some hope of being at least sort of on track for the con.

Good night.
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