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Sleep? What is this sleep you speak of? - Phil's Rambling Rants
May 5th, 2005
08:30 pm


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Sleep? What is this sleep you speak of?
The car is fixed and the snapshots printed.  Lunch was had at Milo's.  I had a chicken salad served in a scooped out half pineapple.  How cool is that?  Very, when it's a good pineapple, and this was.

I have printed and framed the pictures I intend to put in the art show.  Two of these are new images, pictures from Ecuador that I just massaged today.  The rest are the same pictures I had at Cap.  I would like to have more new stuff, but it takes too much time, and it takes more focus than I can bring to bear.  The forms for the art are not filled out, and I haven't done any packing.  Nonetheless, I am going to head to bed now, because I slept poorly last night (after a really long day and short sleep the night before), and I've been keeping myself going by willpower alone all day.

I will have 400 snapshots from the Ecuador trip with me for anyone who wants to see them.  Comments and suggestions from people this weekend will influence what gets turned into art for DucKon.


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