Phil Parker (tigertoy) wrote,
Phil Parker

Things to do Memorial Day weekend

I may be switching my regular day at EFRC to Wednesdays until such time as I get a job.  This means, in particular, that I could actually have Memorial Day weekend free.

I'd love to go to Marcon, but it's economically unreasonable unless I don't have to pay for a place to sleep.  I could talk myself into paying the cost of the membership, the gas, and the meals, but not the hotel room, even if I could get one at this late date.  And since I *can't* sleep in a room full of other people, the odds of a place to sleep for free or next to nothing seem comparable to those of my winning the lottery and being able to afford a hotel room, but I figure I'll mention it.  In the unlikely event that someone sees a solution to the problem, I'd be thrilled to hear it.

If I have the weekend off but I don't go to Marcon, it would be possible, at least in theory, to go to tnatj's Fen and Filk party (I think that's the official name).  I need to be reminded of the details of this wonderful event, but as I recall the schedule and the location, it would take someone more insane than me to drive there, filk, and drive home the same day.  So again, being able to go would depend on locating a cheap (yet private and quiet) place to sleep.  Anyone who could help, please respond.

I already know that lots of people I wish I could spend the weekend with will be at Marcon, so please don't tell me how wonderful Marcon will be unless you can also tell me something that will actually make it possible for me to go.  I'm open to messages of encouragement about the Fen and Filk, though.  Also, feel free to tell me about other things I might want to do (bearing in mind that none of those things involve sitting in front of a TV watching a bunch of people drive in circles really fast) and could actually afford.
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