Phil Parker (tigertoy) wrote,
Phil Parker

You're too stupid to have money. Give it to me.

This guy paid $25000 for three "paintings" at an "art" auction.  I put "paintings" and "art" in quotes, because the items in question were made by a chimpanzee.  The story at

The fact that this could happen at all reflects the sad state of art in today's world.  A canvas splashed with paint by a chimp is not art, but one has to admit that these pieces would only stand out in an exhibit of modern non-representational "art" because they're less ugly than most of it.  It's the same trend that leads to people being paid large amounts of my tax money to erect piles of scrap metal outside of public buildings.

A message for the would-be artists of the world:  While it is true that many geniuses are not understood by their contemporaries, it does not follow that if no one understands you you must be a genius.
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