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My weekend, part I

A busy weekend, and this is the first time I've had time for LJ since Friday at noon, so I'm going to try to get my experiences down before they all fade away.  I don't think there's anything I'm worried about leaving public in Friday's events, so here they are.

I left Friday a little before 2 and got to EFRC about 3:30.  My reason for making this detour on the way to Indianapolis was to give Jean the CD and 8.5x11 "proofs" of the pictures for the calendar.  (Look here to review the pictures in question if you need to.)  She said that she would not use the picture of Sebastian because they do not use pictures of cats that are no longer alive, but she thought she would use the other two.  Since I was there, of course, I walked around, took some pictures. and visited the cats.  (I may get around to posting some pictures, but I don't want to delay this with that.)  Jean let me see the new leopards rescued from New York briefly, but they're too big to play with.

I ended up not leaving until about 6.  Just for the heck of it, I decided to follow Indiana 46 east and drove past the Lieber state recreation area, because I'd never gone that way and I was heading east anyway.  It was pretty, and I bypassed the construction the signs just before the Brazil exit have been warning of for some time.  But it wouldn't save time relative to going a couple of miles back west to Brazil, unless that construction is a significant delay.  Dinner at the KFC buffet in Cloverdale, where I was very close to having to get annoyed:  I got the very last breast.  But I got my chicken, so nobody had to get hurt.

I continued toward Indy and started following the directions I had to Bob's place where I was spending the night.  I neglected to note the mileage when I got onto Indiana 67, so I wasn't sure how far it was to the next turn; I was getting a little antsy that I might have gone farther than the 12 miles the directions said when I did come to the intersection and it was well marked and couldn't have been missed.  Many twists and turns ("You are in a little maze of twisting neo-suburban streets, all alike") but the directions still worked, and I got to Bob's somewhere around 8 with no trouble at all.

I showed my Ecuador trip pictures to Bob, his wife Patty, and their houseguest (Cheryl I think her name was), and all were impressed.  Bob showed me around the house, and I was floored.  I'd been there once before, but on that occasion, we were outside and in the cat building; I'd barely seen the house itself.  He designed the house himself, and I almost think he missed his calling as an architect.  And even knowing that he did a lot of the building work himself over a long time, I still found myself thinking he must be a senior executive at GM, not a working engineer, to have such a fine home.  Then it was time to feed the cats, and I tagged along.  After I stood in her cage for a few minutes, Peppermint the serval came up to me and licked, rubbed, and slobbered on me possessively, but her brother Pepper is much shier, and didn't want to come near his food while I was there, so I let him be.  These servals are in a cage in the garage, and while we were there, he showed me his newest toy -- a 4 post lift that he had his vintage T-bird up on.  Then we went to the cat building, and I got to pet Cuddles the bobcat, and watch Sugarmint the 7 month old serval play chase with a ball Bob threw in her longer run.  Sugarmint came back to the house with us to spend the night, and while we ate some ice cream that I tried to decline but had my arm twisted into, Sugarmint came up to me and started licking my leg.  Bob says he was surprised that she was so friendly with a stranger.  Then I went to bed in a bedroom in the basement.  They haven't finished the basement (the bathroom isn't done, there were no doorknobs in the doors), but except for the bare bulb in the ceiling waiting for a real fixture, the bedroom was immaculately decorated with a cheetah theme.  I think I recognize some of the furnishings from the auctions at the FCF conventions I've been to.
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