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MIT Weblog Survey - Phil's Rambling Rants
June 27th, 2005
04:24 pm


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MIT Weblog Survey
I kept seeing these goofy icons on other people's friends pages, and I finally clicked on one to see what they actually mean.

This guy is doing a Ph.D. dissertation about web logs; this is a survey for people who have blogs about how they use them.  The specific icons don't have anything to do with your answers to the survey; you just get to pick whichever one you like best.

It was a quick and painless survey, except for the last section which you, for each of a bunch of occupations, whether you know someone who does that, how well you know them, and whether you met them online or offline.  I found it surprisingly difficult to think of whether I knew someone who did job X or which person who does job Y I communicate with most; I guess that just shows that for the most part I don't identify people I interact with outside of work by their jobs.

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