Phil Parker (tigertoy) wrote,
Phil Parker

A walk in the park

Work is going a little better these past few days. We're doing a demo Thursday of some stuff, so I have some pressure, and Mike is working closely with me to get ready for the demo. I'm at least able to concentrate and make some progress, although I still don't feel like I'm the smart, productive person I used to feel like.

I took a much-needed break for a walk around Meadowbrook Park (a large local park with more nature than the average city park). Highlights included:
  • A very friendly tortoise-shell kitty in the parking lot.
    It's a strange place for a kitty, but if she was lost or abandoned, it hasn't been for long. Her coat was in good shape and she wasn't thin. I didn't see her again when I left.

  • Four very tame deer. I walked through the group, trying not to scare them, and was able to pass within about 10 feet of the closer ones without them running. They did look at me nervously, but they are deer.

  • Duelling brown thrashers. (Duelling vocally, that is; I didn't see them fighting.) I was looking at and listening to one in a tree near me, and also listening to another, a little farther away in the other direction. I think I spotted him too, but I wasn't sure.

  • A mockingbird! When I heard him singing, at first I thought he was another thrasher, but he was deviating from the repeat-everything-twice mode of the thrasher enough to make me suspect. I never got a really good look at him, but I saw him a few times, and he really seemed mockingbird-shaped. I was able to convince myself that he really was a mockingbird. (They're not *that* unusual here, but they're definitely rarer than the thrashers.)

  • A couple walking a 10 month old Samoyed and an older Keeshond or Norwegian Elkhound (I wasn't sure which and didn't ask). As we approached each other, the girl said "I like your shirt!" (I'm wearing a nice wolf shirt today) and I replied, "I like your dog!"

Also present were lots of pheasants and a number of other birds I might have been able to identify if I'd had binoculars or my camera with the 300mm lens, but I was without optical enhancement.
I went back to work for another hour after the walk. But even after the aggravations that brought on, writing this has reminded me of what a nice walk it was. I need to do that more often.
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