Phil Parker (tigertoy) wrote,
Phil Parker

Busking in C-U

Having posted about it in a friend's journal has put a very small bee in my bonnet about the idea of busking.  I've never tried it, but I have the idea that if I could do it, it could be a good experience for me.  But to be able to perform in public without being completely smothered by feelings of self-consciousness, I need the assurance that it's OK -- not necessarily that I'm going to get an appreciative audience, but that I'm not going to run afoul of any sort of authority, and also not actively annoying other performers or businesses.

Does anyone in the C-U area know of a place where it would, clearly, be OK?

On a wider note, does anyone have practical advice about what material I can get away with singing?  I would technically be violating copyright on anything I sang that wasn't genuinely trad, but I have the feeling that no one would object to my stealing filk.  Am I off base here?  If I sing something that is copyright by a major label with my guitar case open for tips, will the RIAA's crack copyright stormtroopers leap from the bushes, smash my guitar, and slip my name onto the terrorist watch list?
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